Lululemon Warehouse Sale

I just got back from the Lululemon Warehouse Sale in Chicago and I’M ALIVE! I have to say, it went better than I expected. I went with my friend Rachel – here’s our haul:

Some details for all of you going this weekend:

First things first – you need the perfect sample sale outfit. I wore leggings, old sneakers that are easy to slip on and off, a cami and a long cardigan with zipped pockets for my phone, id and money. It made things super easy to try on.

We got to the sale a little after 1pm and waited somewhere around 1-1.5 hours in line. It really wasn’t that bad after all the hype I’d heard – it felt like the line moved quickly. However, it seems people who got to the sale between 9am-11am got hit with the hardest lines and waited closer to 3 hours (yikes).

The line is a one in, one out situation, so once you’re inside the sale it never feels overcrowded. No need to throw ‘bows or anything. Although I did stalk a worker who was wheeling out a brand new rack of clothes in my size. A pack of us immediately swarmed her – so yeah, that got a little weird.

When we were leaving the sale around 4pm, there was barely a line – seriously, like a 10 minute wait. Very surprising, but going later in the day could be an interesting strategy to try.

All long pants are $55 and cropped pants are $45. Everything is organized by size, so it makes it easy. If you’re looking for Groove pants (like I was) they have tons of cropped styles but long Groove pants in black were harder to come by (I refuse to get grey as anything other than black emphasizes areas that do not need to be emphasized). I did find a pair in my size though with my hawk eyes. They have tons of Astro pants and other styles. No Wunder Unders, though.

I haven’t previously owned Lululemon pants because I couldn’t bring myself to shell out the cash for them. I was having a conversation with Rachel about what size I should get because I felt I could go either way, and multiple women in the dressing room overheard us (you get friendly pretty fast in this kind of situation). If you’re in between sizes, they said to always size down in Lululemon pants. If they’re even slightly too big, you’ll be pulling them up during your workout. Ugh.

Lots of cute tops. They get a little “samey” after awhile (they basically had 15 styles or so in different colors, so you see the same ones over and over) but I liked the selection, so I’m not complaining. All tops are $36.

Rachel picked up a yoga towel ($9), a cute bag for her mom ($49) and a hooded scarf that I might be regretting not purchasing right now ($9). I didn’t see any headbands left, but those were supposedly $4. Sports bras are $22 and they have tons. They also have water bottles, socks and probably some other things, but I wasn’t that interested in the accessories, to be honest.

Scuba Sweatshirts
These are right up in front and $70. I wasn’t interested and didn’t even really look at these, but Rachel found a cute grey one with sparkles – very her.

If you’re a guy, I wouldn’t bother with this sale. Granted, I didn’t really look, but it was definitely weak.

Apparently Lululemon sells tutus in their stores, which must not have done well (um, for the obvious reason?) because they were giving them away for free in line. While standing in line, if a worker asks if you want to participate in a competition, say yes. You’ll get a free tutu for doing whatever it is. Rachel and I did a plank competition. It nearly killed me (while seemingly not phasing the crazy lady next to us who wanted to keep going) but hey, we got free tutus! It retails for $98 (that sh*t cray) and they were also selling them for $29 at the sale if you really want one.

And no, of course I have no idea what I’m going to do with this tutu now.

Dressing Room
It’s community. Same as any other sample sale. There were a decent amount of mirrors, but as usual there should have been twice as many. There is no limit to the amount you can bring in, so I say load up your arms so you only have to go in once. Note: You have to take the hangers off all of your items before you go in, which is annoying.


So that’s it! I’m assuming Saturday and Sunday will be more crowded, but I think it’s worth it – within reason. Don’t go crazy, because even though prices were about 50% off, it all still adds up. Fast. I definitely held back and ended up with two pairs of pants and two tops, and I’m a happy lil clam right now.

Uh, I guess this means I have to work out now.